Monday, March 11, 2013

Unicorn Rainbow Nails

Even though Halloween happened months ago, it is my favorite holiday and I feel that it should be Halloween everyday so I'm writing a post about my Rainbow Nails from my 2012 Unicorn costume. Also I think this could also be replicated as a fun St Patricks day design. Maybe just add a clover or two? My next nail art will be st Patrick's day themed so stay tune for that!

For the red color I used "Big Red Apple" by OPI, the orange is "Peachy" by Revlon, the yellow is "Electric" by Revlon, the green is "Green Sketch" by Milani Nail Art, the blue is by Charlotte Rousse and the purple is "Commander in Chic" by Sally Hanson.

1 comment:

  1. Girl u are sexy! Nice costume idea, cute face. I love this lobg, really like the fat that is a sweet personal simple place and I subbed. Hope to welcome you in mine too, that has similar characteristics. I am in love with this nail art, so fun, colorfull, easy and nerdy!!! :)