Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Post! Valentine's Day Nails

Yesterday was my anniversary with my boyfriend of two years and as everybody knows Valentine's Day is coming up in the next week so I wanted to spice up my nails for the holiday. I don't particularly find Valentine's Day to be the most pleasant holiday so it's nice to have met my boyfriend around this time, although our first Valentine's Day was so awkward as you can all imagine. We had known each other for only two weeks. It wasn't too serious yet, but still not serious enough to make a big deal out of it. We ended up getting a bottle of wine and staying in which was so relaxing. Last year we went to wings night so romantic hahaha. This year we're keeping up the chill tradition and going to see "Warm Bodies' which I'm super excited about!

For my nail design I used Milani Nail Art Polish ("Draw in Pink","White Canvas","Art of Silver", "Black"), Milani "Paradise Pink" and  Revlon "Cloud".

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