Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sometimes Simple is Best

Hey everybody, sorry for the long gap in between posts lately. My senior project is due in just a short 4 weeks and it's basically taking over my life. I'm a studio arts major and I'm putting up a show of 10 oil paintings depicting the struggles of being a contemporary woman. Hopefully I will have website up soon showing my body of work. I will post the link on this blog when I do.

As for my nails, I got back from LA a couple days ago and as you can imagine I'm feeling a little emo being back in the middle of the woods. I just wanted to paint my nails black to reflect my mood hahah and decided to go simple with my nail art by adding an elegant silver stripe near the top of each nail. For the base I used "Black Tie" by Confetti and for the stripe I used "Lily Chrome" by Revlon. Enjoy!

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