Thursday, April 18, 2013

Louboutin Nail Art

Christian Louboutin is by far one of my favorite high end shoe designers. I absolutely love shoes. I have way too many pairs! Its interesting for me because buying clothing can sometimes be a nightmare since I have a curvy body, but shoes are my favorite things to shop for because they always make me feel good about myself. I never find myself saying "oh these shoes make me look fat". 

For this week's nail art I wanted to do a Louboutin inspired design. For the base coat I used "Black Tie" by Confetti and the red accent is "Big Apple Red" by OPI. I bought a bunch of studs off the site They have great nail art accessories, super cheap and they do free shipping world wide! The only thing is that it took a really long time for my order to arrive in NY, about 2-3 weeks. Regardless, of the lengthy shipping time I highly recommend this website. 

1 comment:

  1. Love this nail design! It's so creative. I have been aching for a pair of Louboutins foreverrr. I promised myself when I finish with law school (in 2 years lol) that's going to be my graduation present to me! Awesome :)